Factors That May Affect Your Weight Loss

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You may be wondering, why your gym buddy is already losing much weight than you or the other way around. Don’t worry it’s actually normal not to match the amount of weight of the other people. Since not only your weight and height matters but also your body frame, muscle frame and age which makes each person different from the other. There are also other factors why this might be happening. The following questions will be your guide:

Is your family losing weight fast?

– heredity and your family history matters. Your family may be naturally big in size or small in size which affects your efforts in losing weight. Don’t worry, next family reunion you may prove yourself that exerting more effort than the others is actually not a bad thing.

Is your body muscular?

– your body composition matters. As we discussed in the other topic, calories are helpful in our muscles. The more muscles we have the more calories we could intake.

Do you burn fast or slow?

– your metabolism is a huge factor on losing weight. We see skinny people who keeps on eating so much food but yet they don’t gain weight. This is due to their fast metabolism which easily disintegrates the food they eat. You can also try to do best Kids Yoga to burn fat easily.

Have you dieted before?

– you might have stopped and started again which messed up your metabolism. So you’re dieting now which is harder for your body to cope up and lose weight. Don’t be alarmed, you can still gain back your desired body weight by regularly keeping your diet balanced.

Do you really want this?

– if this is really your goal then there should be no problem. pregnancy yoga in Crows Nest, balance your emotions, and influence your desire for food. These psychological factors are a great help to pursue your goal.

What is your age?

– well, you don’t have to tell me. Most people don’t like talking about their age but it is important since as we age our metabolism becomes slower and this affects our weight loss, like what we discussed above. No matter what your age is try

yoga for beginners.

These are summarized factors that affect your weight loss to be slow or fast. I hope you found answers in this article. According to a registered dietitian, these factors are important in knowing the reason why you lose weight differently than the others. You could conquer all of these factors by working out harder and focusing on what you’re consuming. Just keep on believing in yourself.

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